With the Past in Mind, We Prepare for the Future. 

Originally known as the Pattillo Place Plantation and the Rowe Family Plantation, two families that were united by marriage in 1860, this land has been farmed since 1835. Over the centuries many different techniques of cultivation have been employed to make this land yield harvests. The Creek Indians used it as hunting ground before 1835 and regularly burned the old growth stands of pine. Clearing and carving out the land for cotton and corn in the 1800s stripped the land of its topsoil. Grass and grazing cattle in the 1900s allowed the topsoil to rebuild and now, in the 2000s, we aim to improve the ground all over the farm by using environmentally friendly, all natural methods to care for the land, while also producing fresh, local, and healthy food. 


Our Mission

We aim to reestablish the traditional way of eating in Harris county, Columbus, and the greater Chattahoochee Valley. Providing food the way our grandparents knew it; local, fresh, and with a friendly face. 

our creed

Do what is best for the land, first; what will make us a living, second. 

I love Columbus and I want the town and its people to be happy and healthy. What better way to contribute to that than through good food.
— Jack Schley, Southern Views Magazine

Natural Methods we use

  • Double Digging
  • Crop Rotation.
  • Cover Cropping.
  • Solarization.
  • Composting.
  • Hugulkulture. 
  • Vermiculture.
  • Companion Planting. 
  • No Till Seed Drilling
  • Leaf Mulching.