Here you can see some of our natural methods at work.


Cover cropping

Over the winter, our summer vegetable fields are broadcast planted with nitrogen fixing clover. When Spring arrives, the clover begins to flower and we lay plastic covering over the future vegetable rows to kill back the clover without disturbing the soil, which is packed with nitrogen and biological activity, like worms, from the summer.  



No Till Seed Planting

After about three weeks under the plastic covering, the clover has been slowly reduced to decaying plant matter on the surface of soil. Meanwhile, nitrogen is still being fixed by the clover in-between the future rows where we walk. We then plant our seeds by hand in the solarized beds. 



Double digging new ground

When we first convert old hay pasture to vegetable beds, we deeply till the grass into the soil and mound up raised beds. We will solarize and plant the raised beds and over the course of the summer we will fill between them with leaf mulch, organic matter, and compost. Come Fall, we will till again to incorporate all of the dirt and organic matter together and return the field to a flat surface. The compost enriched soil will invite in worms and cover cropping will fix nitrogen and shade out weeds.