We deliver to your table. See what we grow and our pricing below. 

All Natural Produce, Pricing:

Lady Peas

Zipper Cream Peas

Southern Peas: Packed in Quart bags and larger. Picked, Shelled, Packaged, and Delivered within 24 hours. 


Okra, heirloom

Cut small, Packaged, and Delivered everyday, in season. 

Custom harvesting for canning or slicing also available. 

$4/pound            $2/cup




All Natural, Environmentally Friendly Grown Produce, Hand planted and picked:

Summer time:

  • Yellow Squash (Pattie Pan & Crook Neck)
  • Cucumbers (Custom picking for Pickling, Slicing, etc.) 
  • Tomatoes (Big, heirloom, red tomatoes, picked vine ripened) (Green also available) 
  • Cherry Tomatoes (Tiny, heirloom, red cherries picked vine ripened and sweet enough to eat like candy) 
  • Zucchini (Picked small, also available in large size for frying, grilling, and bread)


  • Corn (Silver Queen, grown the way the Creek Indians here used to grow it)

$1.25/double serving (two cobs)

  • Butter Beans



Planted by Grandmother Schley over fifty years ago when we first arrived at the farm:

  • Blueberries (Different varieties for eating, cooking, jamming; but all delicious)
  • Pears (Cooking)
  • Muscadines/Scuppernongs (Native Grapes)
  • Strawberries (Plant ripened)